Born in 1951 in Pompeii (Naples), a place steeped in art, beauty and extraordinary memories of the past.

This place has had a long-lasting impact on his personal development.

In his youth he made his first approaches to photography, using a Canon SLR and then exploring his images with the camera obscura. It is in this silent intimacy with his captured images that he discovers for the first time the fascination of an idea that emerges from the darkness. This experience leaves a lasting impression.

After completing his classical studies, he completed his architectural training and graduated in 1975.

Then came years of following his profession intensely and with the enthusiasm of one who throws himself wholeheartedly into his work, he uses the most modern means of digital technology with creativity and intuition, even in the most classical professional issues. Photography however remains as a companion throughout the years, one with whom to look at the world, experiment and research. Each experience, helps to enrich his experience as a photographer and his life.

With increased maturity and experience he discovers light painting techniques and starts to empathize with these. Brushstrokes of light extract from the darkness composed objects, making everything come to life and take shape. The artistic gesture that brings light is neither unconscious nor casual, and the images coming from it leave him with a sense of wonder.

Photography is for him a means of seeing and getting to know reality through the lens: simple things and everyday objects, illuminated by light, take on a new dignity.

Still life is his favorite subject. It is interpreted in a hyper-realistic way, though not free from seventeenth-century reminiscences. The theme of Beauty and Life is still confronted with ancient memories.

The images are built within compositional schemes that echo the seventeenth-century, sober and auster bodegones of Juan Sánchez Cotán. The arranged scenes are illuminated with an intuitive management of light.

Only some of the works have been included in the WORKS page. Of these, artist signed etchings on 350 gr / m² limited edition Hahnemühle Museum Fine Art  paper are available, with a certificate of authenticity from Hahnemühle. Front: passepartout; back: full picture.


For dimensions and prices kindly request info.

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