As an architect for a long time now I have been used to living with the anxieties and restlessness of those who pursue the realization of an idea. 

It is as if every time were "the first time" and I were starting from constant, incessant attempts to harmonize the many implications that crowd such an idea.

It is a continuous changing of angles and perspectives, in an attempt to give concrete shape to the inspiring idea and bring it to light, rescuing it from the  darkness.

The soul-tearing procedure that goes hand in hand with the evolution of all creative processes and that have to extract concrete objects from the depths of darkness and nothingness.

It is with this perspective, developed through years of work, that I have refocused my photographic processes, which are, and always have been, drawn to architecture, landscapes and faces.

The theme of the Dark and the Light, of Nothingness and of Creation, derives directly from recent shooting experiences, where the idea determines - in full light - the organization of objects within the image, perfectly articulating its composition and balance.

Then the darkness resumes its supremacy and the images disappear from view.

Everything is in darkness. Nothing is left alive, except in the memory of those who composed the initial picture with love and devotion.

It is at this point that thin strokes of light begin to brush small parts of the objects, rescuing them from the dark. Caresses of light gradually re-elaborate those objects, complying with the inspiring idea of anxiety and restlessness.

The gesture that light brings is neither unconscious nor fortuitous.

The images that arise from it leave a sense of wonder and beauty inspired by the sober and austere “bodegones” of Juan Sánchez Cotán.

Gradually, in the dark, and in the uneasy reconstruction of an emotional conceptual map, the image, both well-reflected upon and well-loved begins to take shape in the mind. Little by little, the brush working towards composing the re-elaborated image.

And thus, light forcefully takes over the creative space, enhancing  what was there before in a new dimension but by giving it new meanings and emotions.

This approach merges into the photographic project "From Darkness to Light", featuring still lifes in which simple things and everyday objects take on a new status.

This creative dimension has triumphed a new field of experimentation: the reinterpretation of the frescoes found in the Vesuvian towns of Oplonti, Ercolano and Stabiae.

Leading still life artists for several centuries, The “xenias”, depicted still life scenes in the real sense of the word, with compositional paintings of animals and fruit: from the simple rendering of that era to the current re-elaboration, all the while considering the centuries of visual history which have occurred in the meanwhile.

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